Series and Prizes

A series which documents happenings of a community from the early 1520s to the twenty-first century through monographs, biographies, and textbooks that explore how African Americans fit, challenged, and expanded historical narratives concerning the general interpretation of Texan identity.
Series Editors: Will Guzmán, Kimberly Hill, William Hoston

A book series aiming to map desert multitudes—geographies, histories, cultures, and ecologies—through engagement with scholars and practitioners across humanities disciplines in order to expand static notions of desert places.
Series Editors: Ron Broglio, Celina Osuna

A series which publishes Vietnamese and Southeast Asian American memoirs, novels, poetry, graphic novels, and experimental works, seeking to foster dialogue and understanding by supporting contemporary authors whose rich and complex stories need to be championed and heard.
DVAN Executive Editor: Isabelle Pelaud

A yearly prize for a first book of short stories and essays. Submissions are open in summer from June 15-August 15 through the Iron Horse Literary Review.
Series Editor: Katie Cortese

A series which will explore the regional dynamics shaping modern American politics both within and beyond the stereotypical discourse of “red versus blue.”
Series Editor: Sean Cunningham
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The Grover E. Murray Studies in the American Southwest is a book series devoted to all aspects of culture, history, natural history, and the sciences as they serve to define the Southwest and to engage and enlighten its broadest constituency.
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Established in recognition of a lifetime of achievement in and dedication to scholarly publishing, Judith Keeling Books honor works undertaken through careful research and assiduous attention to detail that make a valuable, perhaps otherwise unnoticed, contribution to the scholarly community and to the literary culture of Texas and the American West.
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The Rodenberger Prize provides for a $1,000 award and publication of the manuscript best illuminating women’s roles in the history, culture, and letters of Texas and the American West, especially in West Texas and the Texas Border Region.
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Taking as its subject Jewish life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, this series continues to examine the Shoah and global Jewish diaspora, alongside neglected historical figures and moments as well as analysis of Jewish literature.
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A series of books for scholarly and general audiences that enhance and expand critical research, creative scholarship, and practical education in the fields of war and society, global peacemaking, conflict resolution, and society’s response to such efforts.
Series Editor: Ron Milam
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A book series that, although examining the interrelationship of culture and environment, seeks to illuminate and define the Great Plains, its peoples, and its landscape through original monographs, edited collections, biographies, memoir, and comparative studies.
Series Editor: John Wunder
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A book series that profiles Texas sporting legends, particularly spotlighting those who do not always get their due recognition. These books are written with the general reader in mind, young and old.
Series Editor: Jorge Iber
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It is the confluence of differences, in its lands and peoples, that forms the American West. The book series Voice in the American West seeks the headwaters from which the West arises, its stories in first person and in every iteration of voice, in images as well as words, in line and color as well as sound and speech.
Series Editor: Andy Wilkinson
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Named for its first poetry editor, TTU Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of English Walter Robert (Walt) McDonald, this annual invitation-only first-book prize awards publication annually to exceptional previously unpublished poets.
Series Editor: Rachel Mennies
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A scholarly book series that seeks to interrogate and expand the boundaries between gendered constructions of self, space, identity, and place, particularly as related to the American West.
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