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Journal Information

  • ISSN: 0749-5471
  • eISSN: TBD
  • Keywords: Jewish history; Jewish culture; American West
  • First Issue: Vol. 51, Issue 1
  • Frequency: Semi-annual


Founded in 1968, Western States Jewish History is the multidisciplinary journal of the Western States Jewish History Association, an organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, and dissemination of items and information pertaining to the Jewish experience in the American West. The geographic region includes states west of the Mississippi, as well as Western Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim.

Editorial Board


Jonathan L. Friedmann, Academy for Jewish Religion California & Western States Jewish History Association, [email protected]

Past Editors

Norton B. Stern
William M. Kramer
Gladys Sturman
David W. Epstein
Donald H. Harrison

Reviews Editor

Judith Pinnolis, Hebrew College

General Editors

Joey Angel-Field
Marc Dollinger, San Francisco State University
Victoria Fisch, Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento
Aaron Fruchtman, California State University Long Beach
Joshua Furman, University of Denver
Joel Gereboff, Arizona State University & Academy for Jewish Religion California John F. Guest, Western States Jewish History Association
Abraham Hoffman, Los Angeles Valley College
Jason Schulman, John Jay College
Wynne Waugaman, University of Southern California
Hollace Ava Weiner, Fort Worth Jewish Archives



Western States Jewish History is an English-language publication. Foreign terms should be italicized and transliterated in the case of Hebrew, Yiddish, and other languages that do not use Latin script.

Peer Review

All article submissions—including research papers, interviews, translations, and family histories—are peer reviewed. After your paper has been assessed for suitability by the editor, it will be double-blind peer reviewed. When preparing your submission, remove your name and email from the manuscript and from any supplementary files.

Book and media reviews will be assessed by the reviews editor and another reviewer. Reviews should provide a fair but critical assessment of recent publications and other media (music, films, etc.) with topics and themes relevant to the journal. Reviews must include complete bibliographical references.


Articles may vary in length, but submissions should not normally exceed 8,000 words (including footnotes). Book reviews should not exceed 1,500 words.

Online Submissions

We normally accept only electronic submissions. Please send your article or review as a Microsoft Word file to the editor, Jonathan L. Friedmann ([email protected]) or through the Jewish Museum of the American West ([email protected]). If you are unable to submit electronically, contact the editor who will assist you. All research articles should include a 150-word abstract, three to five keywords, a short biographical statement, and your contact information.

Images, Figures and Tables

Any images, figures, and tables should be uploaded as separate individual supplementary files. Mark in your manuscript where images, tables, and figures should be inserted. These should be submitted as JPEG files.


Your Microsoft Word document should be double-spaced with consecutive page numbering. Articles must include footnote references adhering to the Chicago Manual of Style.


No portion of your submission can be plagiarized. Plagiarism involves inappropriate use of material from other sources such that it incorrectly appears to have been written or created by the author, including copying verbatim or nearly verbatim from print or digital sources, or lack of adequate reference to sources. Authors must be vigilant not to “borrow” another person’s insights, opinions, wordage, general line of argument, or conclusions without using quotations or other appropriate referencing. The author’s reuse of his/her own previous work without proper citation (self-plagiarism) is also prohibited.


If and when the submission is accepted for publication, the author agrees that the copyright for the article is transferred to the publisher. The author must sign a consent to publish form, which will be sent with the first proofs of the manuscript.

Subscription Rates

Individual subscription ordering for Western States Jewish History is available online. Institutional ordering fulfilled by Duke University Press ([email protected]).

Rates for 2021 volume year:


$60.00 Individuals | 104.00 Institutions


$85.00 Individuals | $160.00 Institutions

Back issue availability varies. Send back issue inquires to [email protected].