Now Available: A Dream in Which I Am Playing with Bees

Texas Tech University Press is honored to announce the release of A Dream in Which I Am Playing with Bees, by RK Fauth, receipt of the Walt McDonald First Book Prize. The book is a collection of poems that paint a fictional world without honeybees, employing personal narratives, queer metaphors, natural imagery, and historical circumstances of the honeybee species.

How would you feel in a bee-less world? Who would you “bee”? With these poems serving as “artifacts,” or the residue of a vanished species, let your imagination and creativity intertwine with Fauth’s narrative, while manifesting your own. 

RK Fauth, served as a Lannan Poetry Fellow at Georgetown University, where she earned a master’s degree in English. Her work has been seen in POETRY magazine, Poem-a-Day, West Trade Review, The Decadent Review, AGNI literary magazine, and more. Explore more of Fauth’s poetry here, here, and here.