Sing with Me at the Edge of Paradise — Available Now!

We are pleased to announce the release of Sing With Me at the Edge of Paradise by Joe Baumann! Order this remarkable work from Texas Tech University Press or request it at your local indie bookseller. This collection of sixteen short stories surrounds queer men of various ages trying to temper their expectations of the world with their lived experience.  

As this short-story collection spotlights queer tales, Baumann postulates that “characters being queer is now often simply a part of who they are, not the central thrust of the story. It’s part of an attempt to normalize queerness in characters and literature—that is, no one seems to bat an eye when characters are straight . . . so why not have things be the same with queer characters?”  

The inaugural winner of the Iron Horse Prize, Baumann has published fiction and essays in various journals. Sing With Me at the Edge of Paradise exemplifies inclusion and diversity in literature, encouraging readers to regard society and its stigmas, real or fictional, judiciously.  

So, if you like “surreal queer discontent” literature or are looking to expand your reading scope with LGBTQ+ stories, this book is for you. Let us know if you read Baumann’s new book by following us on Instagram and Twitter, and you can follow Joe on Twitter @jbaumann035. Happy reading!