If I Was a Highway

If I Was a Highway

Michael Ventura
Butch Hancock
  • 7/30/2017
  • 9781682830109
  • 978-1-682-83010-9
  • Paperback
  • 7 X 10
  • 1 lbs.1 oz.
$ 27.95


In this collection, its title borrowed from a Butch Hancock song, the essays switch lanes with Hancock's evocative black-and-white photographs. Slowing down to take notice of a makeshift shrine in the Texas Panhandle or zipping along the New York Thruway before dawn, Ventura captures the details that make us think profoundly about work, music, poverty, beauty, our home on the planet and in the universe. About volcanoes and the Very Large Array. About friends and companions. About gods and goddesses and God.

Michael Ventura is an American novelist, screenwriter, essayist, and cultural critic.Butch Hancock is a Lubbock native and local music and photography legend.

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