Kyoko Uchida

  • 4/4/2012
  • 9780896727366
  • 978-0-896-72736-6
  • Cloth
  • 96
  • 0 lbs.10 oz.
$ 21.95


In Elsewhere, Kyoko Uchida unravels the landscapes of childhood migrations and later passages across oceans and continents, seasons and languagesùspoken or otherwiseùmapping the geographies of longing, loss, grief, and conflict. These poems are preoccupied with itineraries and distance, while at the same time negotiating space at the intersection of shared fragilities and efforts to communicate. Imbued with an outsiderÆs need for precise definitions, they attempt to pare down to the essential core each place, each yearning and absence.

With Elsewhere we welcome one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary poetry. Kyoko Uchida writes with startling vividness and subtlety of dual legacies, of double identities, and the search for a home in a disorienting world. Best of all, she excels at celebrating the work and pain and sweet frictions and conciliations of love. ùRobert Morgan, author of Gap Creek and Terroir

An intimately personal collection. From splendid lyrics about Hiroshima and a motherÆs silent desires, to the capacious interiority of Uchida herself, Elsewhere proves that, however rich our various experience, we return to our ineludible humanityùin love, worry, and vulnerability. I know of no book that better shares the heartÆs music. And at a time when many of us are exiled from the land of our birthùthrough war, desire, or commerceùUchida acts as our spiritual compass. These poems are generous, worldly, and luminous, and oh so beautiful. ùKenneth A. McClane, W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of Literature, Cornell University

Kyoko UchidaÆs poems in Elsewhere join beauty and intellect, with each section of the book thematically unified and coherent, an orchestration compelling me to participate, to approach again what it means to be me, to be human. ûRobert A. Fink, from the foreword

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