Life in the Saddle

Life in the Saddle

Cow Country Cowboy Stories

Scott White

  • 6/15/2013
  • 9781631733031
  • 978-1-631-73303-1
  • Cloth
  • 9.25 X 8.5
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$ 29.95


What is so special about cowboys? The movies made the American cowboy into a larger-than-life character, but in reality, a cowboy's life is full of hard work, long days, and low pay. It is these stories that are presented in this book. The anecdotes, family histories, and personal accounts will please anyone in search of real Western history as it was lived.

Scott White is the Texas Tech University's National Ranching Heritage Center Special Projects Manager, Curator of Art, Curator of Historic Structures, Oral Historian and Editor of the Ranching Heritage Association's quarterly magazine, "The Ranch Record". He also teaches graduate classes as adjunct faculty to the Heritage Management Program of Texas Tech University. He holds a BA in Liberal Arts and an MA in American History with a minor in Latin American History. His Ph.D. in Fine Arts was a multidisciplinary double study of Art History and Criticism and Museum Science. He has years of experience in handling art and historic artifacts and serves as a museum consultant for conservation/preservation issues, exhibits and collection management. A native of West Texas, Dr. White has a real fondness for the history and heritage of the West. He has conducted several major oral history projects on the subject.

  Scott is the author of Viento: Wind, Turbines & Ranchland, Getting By in Hard Times-Letters From The Pitchfork Ranch: 1938-1939 and numerous published magazine articles pertaining to ranching.    

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