Pitchfork Country (Limited Edition)

Pitchfork Country (Limited Edition)

The Photography of Bob Moorhouse

Text by Jim Pfluger 

  • 2/2/2000
  • 9781569442142
  • 978-1-569-44214-2
  • Cloth
  • 3 lbs.10 oz.
$ 49.00


Pitchfork Country: The Photography of Bob Moorhouse showcases the beautiful, almost mystical photos taken by the vice president and general manager of the historic Pitchfork Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. Moorhouse's photographic work reflects his trademark style and traditional western subjects that create the illusion of scenes from a bygone era.

As a working cowboy who carries his camera sometimes twenty to thirty miles a day on horseback, Moorhouse has been able to record moments in the field few photographers will ever see. With an appreciation for great light and its selected application to the subject, his photographic images are an accurate portrayal of ranch life.

Viewed in future years with the work of Erwin E. Smith, Ray Rector, and others who have photographed ranch life of the past 150 years, Moorhouse's images will be the standard for documenting ranching in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

Bob Moorhouse is vice president and general manager of the Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co. headquartered near Gutherie, Texas. The ranch, which was established in 1883, has 170,000 acres and is a cow/calf operation. Bob came to the Pitchfork as assistant manager in January 1973 after graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in agriculture. He became the ranch's 6th general manager in 1986. Moorhouse grew up on the Moorhouse Ranch in Benjamin, Texas. His trademark ranch photography has appeared on the covers and in articles of numerous magazines and publications since the mid-1970s. His work was the subject of a photo exhibit titled "Hoofbeats on the Pitchfork," which toured the country for several years. 

Jim Pfluger became the first director of the National Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech University in June 1988. He also heads the center's support organization, the Ranching Heritage Association. Previously, he was senior director of the American Quarter Horse Museum. Jim is a graduate of Texas Tech and West Texas State universities, where he majored in history and business. He has written several booklets and articles pertaining to the West and provided research for western genre movies. 

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