"The Spurs of James J. Wheat, Pioneer Collector"

"The Spurs of James J. Wheat, Pioneer Collector"

Bruce Bartlett

  • 12/1/2008
  • 9780976183464
  • 978-0-976-18346-4
  • Cloth
  • 94
  • 1 lbs.15 oz.
$ 35.00


With pockets full of cash and the help of trusted scouts, oilman James J. Wheat of Loving County, Texas, amassed one of the most impressive collections of horse spurs in the state. Drawing from the 920 spur pairs and singles and more than 100 bits Wheat donated to the Ranching Heritage Association in 1985, expert appraiser Bruce Bartlett has compiled a volume as rich in history as it is in full-color images.

Spur aficionados, collectors, and Western historians alike will appreciate his detailed distinctions among particular makers, discussions of the Texas Style and other regional styles, as well as valuable information on the emerging collectors' scene. With its lavish, oversized photographs and fine-grained descriptions, The Spurs of James J. Wheat presents a treat for the eye and a close look at a fascinating aspect of Western utilitarian art.

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