Bruce Lack

  • 3/3/2015
  • 9780896729193
  • 978-0-896-72919-3
  • Cloth
  • 128
  • 0 lbs.10 oz.
$ 30.00


What Bruce Lack offers in the poems in Service is truthùcomplex, ambiguous, paradoxical, contradictory, impossibleùabout the experiences of a Marine fighting the Iraq War and the jarring transition that comes with returning home to find the war reduced to background noise for a remote civilian population. Bruce LackÆs
forceful, authentic poetry confronts the human cost of sending young men and women to fight a war of questionable justification against an insurgency unbound by rules of engagement. LackÆs poems engage honestly with the frustration of fighting an elusive, ruthless enemy, the guilt of surviving when others do not, and the residual anger that may never leave the generation of veterans of the War on Terror. Written in the voice of the Marine but directed toward and accessible to the civilian, Service is a book that seeks to close the communication gap between the two.

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