A Stitch in Air

A Stitch in Air

A Novel

Lori Marie Carlson

  • 12/12/2013
  • 9780896728134
  • 978-0-896-72813-4
  • Paperback
  • 256
  • 0 lbs.11 oz.
$ 24.95


The venerable Convent of Saint Margaret in Granada is the stage for many things: Catholic devotion, the art of lacemaking, magic, and amorous passion. It is The Golden Age in Spain, that glorious time of creativity, as well as ambiguity. And the beautiful Moorish palace, the Alhambra, adds a special enchantment to the backdrop.

Adela, a young postulant of Jewish origin, suffers the death of her Mozarabic teacher, Milagros, at the beginning of this tale. But Milagros leaves her beloved pupil with a legacy of secrets that will guide her as she meets the challenges of adulthood. When Adela encounters the great playwright, Hernßn de Vigo who, unbeknownst to the sisterhood, has come to the convent by order of the Inquisition to investigate claims of heresy, her life changes forever. Hernßn de Vigo, who is also a priest, discovers that the convent is a most unusual place. Many of its inhabitants are disgruntled nuns who find solace and comfort in delicious food and frivolity, the protection of the Virgin Mary, and dreams of love. The abbess, herself, is a most independent-minded woman who fervently believes in justice. And so the drama and comedy begin!

When all hell breaks loose--including a major flood in the convent--the sisterhood of Saint Margaret discovers its true purpose on earth.

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