Cowboy Stuntman

Cowboy Stuntman

From Olympic Gold to the Silver Screen

Dean Smith with Mike Cox

  • 3/3/2013
  • 9780896727892
  • 978-0-896-72789-2
  • Cloth
  • 264
  • 1 lbs.4 oz.
$ 29.95


Dean Smith has taken falls from galloping horses, engaged in fistfights with Kirk Douglas and George C. Scott, donned red wig and white tights to double Maureen OÆHara, and taught Goldie Hawn how to talk like a Texan.
HeÆs dangled from a helicopter over the skyscrapers of Manhattan while clutching a damsel in distress, hung upside down from a fake blimp 200 feet over the Orange Bowl, and replicated one of the most famous scenes in movie history by climbing on a thundering team of horses to stop a runaway stagecoach.
Cowboy Stuntman chronicles the life and achievements of this colorful Texan and Olympic gold medal winner who spent a half century as a Hollywood stuntman and actor, appearing in ten John Wayne movies and doubling for a long list of actors as diverse as Robert Culp, Michael Landon, Steve Martin, Strother Martin, Robert Redford, and Roy Rogers.

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