A Separate Country

A Separate Country

Postcoloniality and American Indian Nations

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The first comprehensive view of women on the North American Plains, these essays explore the richness, variety, and complexity of their experiences. From prehistory to the present, the Great Plains have played a significant role in the lives of women who moved to or across them, cleaving to cultural ideas and patterns while adapting to the rigors of the region.

Twelve essaysùarranged chronologically within sub-regionsùdraw upon innovative theoretical and methodological approaches, including gender/transgender studies, decolonization of Native peoples, and the influence of nation states. Richly grounded in the particular, these essays also contextualize the stories of specific women and locales within larger social, political, and economic trends. Individually and collectively, they reveal the intricate relations that tie together people and place. Here are long-needed perspectives on the diverse lives of women who have beenùand who continue to beùtoo often ignored in wider histories of the Plains.

Women on the North American Plains amplifies the voices of women so that they rise above the sound of the wind coming off those treeless places. They become a part of our journeys throughout that wide swath that separates East from West, that runs in a crescent of grasslands north and south. ùJoan M. Jensen, from the foreword

Renee M. Laegreid
H. Elaine Lindgren
Sandra K. Mathews
Gretchen A. Albers
Andrea G. Radke-Moss
Sarah R. Payne
Shannon D. Smith
Roger P. Davis
Rebecca Bales
Peter Boag
Dee Garceau
Sandra Scofield
Sandra J. McBride
Caroline Castillo Crimm
Donna L. Akers
Jean Stuntz
Linda W. Reese

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