Wild Flight

Wild Flight


  • 10/1/2009
  • 9780896726673
  • 978-0-896-72667-3
  • Paperback
  • 120
  • 0 lbs.7 oz.
$ 16.95


Soaring across extensive terrain, from the working world of Detroit to American suburbia and pop culture; from the European landscape of World War II to present-day Iraq, Christine Rhein opens her personal world to the world at large. In poems that explore the historical, social, and scientific, as well as the poignant and humorous, Rhein relishes lifeÆs juxtapositions.

ôChristine Rhein makes a stunning debut in Wild Flight, distinguishing herself immediately with poems of grace and intelligence. . . . Turning her eye toward science, technology, human relationships, love and war, she never merely describes a thing, but persuades us to a point of view that is subtle and sophisticated, sympathetic, and challenging, funny and almost warm to the touch with each living moment.öùMolly Peacock

ôMost writers take several publications and years to find their stride, yet the work of Christine Rhein in her debut anthology of poetry in Wild Flight comes from someone who is already seasoned . . . brilliant . . . on the subjects that matter most.ö ù Midwest Book Review


Friday night

and we're not perched at some neon-lit Manhattan bar,
not dancing in the ballroom of the San Francisco Ritz

but mixing martinis in our Michigan kitchen,
a pot of potatoes on the stove, our twenty-year-old

Formica piled with newspapers, bills, sons' projectsù
bean plants growing well beyond the experiment.

I think of all the variables affecting a marriage . . .
How lucky to sit at this counter, to watch you

lift the frosted glasses from the freezer, your hips
moving in rhythm as you bounce the deco shaker,

its jangle of gin and iceùand that drop of liqueur
you add, tinting the cocktails robin egg blue.

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