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HavenÆt we all been told how beauty is thin as truth? And donÆt we believe and disbelieve this ôlie weÆd carve and starve for. / WeÆd suck it till the juice ran down our armsö? Skin compels us, repels us. Beauty may be only skin deep, a fine coveringùsensuous, at times translucent, almost transparent, and yet so obdurate. Skin insulates, guarding its vital organs just beneath this surface that teases us to peek, to try to penetrate. We call this desire by many names, the best of which is love. April LindnerÆs sensuously orchestrated collection of poems conveys the beauty and truth of love, how we know it to be paradoxical, obsessive, fearful, rapacious, holy. ùRobert Fink, from the introduction

As an exploration of culture, custom, and biological drive, LindnerÆs Skin is a marvelous book, confident and unified. ùNed Balbo, Antioch Review

Skin . . . is a book about desire and separation, the way skin separates us from each other, separates ourselves from the world, and, most terrifyingly, ôgives its enemy a homeö (ôSplinterö). In an uncustomarily mature first book, LindnerÆs work centers around motherhood and marriage with gallant and honest ambivalence. With Plath and Sexton as her predecessors, Lindner directly confronts both the splendid and lurid in American confessional or ôpersonalö poetry. ùDenise Duhamel, Painted Bride Quarterly

Skin is the membrane that both separates us from this world and give us shape in it. It is the parchment that the world writes on with its injuries. And of course it is with ôthe hunger of skin for skinö that we love one another. April Lindner knows all this and moreùabout how we live in bodies, as bodies. In Skin, she embodies her knowledge in poems that are as wise as they are beautiful and as exciting as they are smart. Skin is a superb achievement and a delight to read. ùAndrew Hudgins

Preferences in poetry are as idiosyncratic as preferences in childrenÆs names, but one thing is absolutely certain: you will have favorites in this book. Mine are marked by slender slips of paper, ready for rereading. ùAnne Egger, Blue Mesa Review

Skin is a brilliant debut because of its memorable sketches of people and emotions. Its careful organization and consistent high quality . . . establish Lindner as a poet to watch. ùKevin Walzer, Word Journal

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