Journey to Goliad

Journey to Goliad

Melodie A. Cuate

  • 5/1/2009
  • 9780896726499
  • 978-0-896-72649-9
  • Cloth
  • 176
  • 0 lbs.10 oz.
$ 18.95


Hannah followed Nick's gaze to gray stone walls. In the corner, the highest point on the horizon, stood a chapel with a bell tower topped with a cross. It was Presidio La Bahia. They were headed back to the fort in Goliad. On the top of the wall, seven soldiers aimed muskets toward the prairie and hills.

"What did we get ourselves into this time?" Hannah murmured.

When Mr. Barrington brings his trunk on a field trip to Goliad, Hannah, Jackie, and Nick find themselves back in the Texas Revolution. It's 1836, just weeks before Colonel James Fannin and General José de Urrea face off at the Battle of Coleto and Santa Anna orders the execution of all prisoners. Are Nick and his new friend Benjamin Hughes being watched by a spy? Will the girls succeed in helping Francita Alavez, the Angel of Goliad, rescue Fannin's men?

Fourth-grade teacher Melodie A. Cuate draws from travel and classroom experience for each new episode in the award winning Mr. Barrington's Mysterious Trunk series for young readers. In addition to writing, she conducts teacher workshops with curriculum developed specifically for the series. The recipient of the 2007-07 Linden Heck Howell Outstanding Teaching of Texas History Award, Cuate lives with her husband Tony, and daughter, Erica, in McAllen, Texas. 

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