Whispers in Dust and Bone

Whispers in Dust and Bone

Andrew Geyer

Andrew Geyer

  • 4/4/2003
  • 9780896724969
  • 978-0-896-72496-9
  • Cloth
  • 192
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Diverse in setting and broad in range, these award-winning stories all turn, in some way, on the passing of the rural Southwest Texas way of life and its stamp on those who leave there.

Ranging from bare-bones narratives to magical realism and ever lush in regional particulars, the stories all center on a sense of place. Sharing a point of origin and a journey, their characters weave in and out of the stories, looking for new starts-for answers-and seeing the world through dry eyes. They explore exotic Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and a dig site in Peru and make a voyage of discovery down the Amazon River. They lose faith in God and find it again in such unlikely places as a water lot in South Carolina.

The displaced protagonists all search for something elusive, something lost, yet in Geyer's hands are yoked by a tension that is somehow always new and always compelling.

Andrew Geyer's earthy, edgy, colorful stories range from Texas to Peru, reflecting life's frustrations and occasional small triumphs.--Elmer Kelton

The contents...reads like the track listing of some Marty Robbins album-dusty and elegiac, but with that ten-dollar smile, that flash of white teeth under a hat brim. Even when the stories take you to South Carolina, or South America, still, it's Texas. The real one.--Stephen Graham Jones

The most important work of fiction to come out of the Southwest since Woman Hollering Creek.--Michael Hathaway

Andrew Geyer grew up on a working ranch in Southwest Texas. His award-winning fiction has appeared in Southwestern American Literature, South Dakota Review, RE:AL, Concho River Review, Chiron Review, Yemassee, and others, and was nominated for the 2002 Pushcart Prize. He is currently managing editor for Iron Horse Literary Review. 


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