Desert Sanctuaries

Desert Sanctuaries

The Chinatis of the Big Bend

Wyman Meinzer 

  • 9/9/2002
  • 9780896724884
  • 978-0-896-72488-4
  • Cloth
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Explore, as few have intimately done, the Big Bend Ranch State Park and the Chinati Mountains State Natural Area.

Trust Wyman Meinzer to see as no one ever has the desert sanctuaries of the vast Big Bend and to pay tribute to their best-kept secret, the twin canyons of the Chinati Mountains, San Antonio and Los Pelos. Trust, too, that the images he delivers are as true as his eye, that the light bathing cholla at sunrise, on the eastern rim of San Antonio Canyon, is unfiltered. Meinzer is one photographer who still waits for and catches the light, even if he has only a thirty-second window.

"Placing a border around the vastness of the Big Bend is typically an invitation to disappointment. Reducing its depth to a medium of two dimensions tends to flatten a landscape known to be anything but flat. Catching the ever-changing moods of light and color in fractions of a second normally embalms the scene. So how does Wyman give us photos full of expansive depth and color? His skill is his passion for the beauty of Texas and his unwavering will to get to the toughest spots. He is an adventurer first and a photographer second. Wyman feels the land and sky. He becomes a part of the terrain, and his photos make you part of the scenery."

--From the Introduction

Wyman Meinzer, official photographer of the staate of Texas with twelve books to his credit, is also the winner of the 1996 John Ben Sheppard Jr. Award from the Texas State Historical Foundation for his contributions to the preservation of Texas History through writing and photography. Periodicals in which his photography has appeared worldwide include Smithsonian, Natural History, Audubon, Texas Paeks and Wildlife, Texas Highways, Sports Afield, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, GEO Korea, GEO Germany, Das Tier, and BBC Wildlife. 

David Alloway, currently working as a naturalist at Big Bend Ranch State Park, is in charge of educational programs, resource protection, and media relations for the park. He is well published in the field of survival and outdoor skills and is the author of the book Desert Survival Skills. 

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