My Lone Star Journal

My Lone Star Journal

A Writing Companion to the Lone Star Journals

Lisa Waller Rogers

  • 1/1/2001
  • 9780896724549
  • 978-0-896-72454-9
  • Cloth
  • 0 lbs.6 oz.
$ 8.95


As any social studies or reading teacher will tell you, instilling in middle readers the ardent realization that they have stories of their own to record--that their day-to-day lives are history, too--is just as important as getting them to read. This companion writing journal encourages youngsters to chronicle their daily lives just as Hallie Lou Wells and the other protagonists of Lisa Waller Roger's Lone Star Journals do. Each journal has a title page for the young scribes to personalize and ninety-four generously ruled pages.


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