"Tales of Badmen, Bad Women, and Bad Places"

"Tales of Badmen, Bad Women, and Bad Places"

Four Centuries of Texas Outlawry

  • 1/5/1999
  • 9780896724204
  • 978-0-896-72420-4
  • Paperback
  • 0 lbs.13 oz.
$ 19.95


A badman is not necessarily a bad man, but he is not a man to mess with. He might be a killer, a con artist, or even a Texas Ranger with his own ideas about law enforcement; or he might just be "wuthless." A bad woman might be a criminal too, or she might just be one who didnÆt conform to accepted notions of womanly conduct in her time and place. C. F. Eckhardt tells the stories your teacher never told you about Texas outlaws. Some are famous, and some you may never have heard of. All of them were out for their share of the good life in Texas.

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