Hi Lo to Hollywood

Hi Lo to Hollywood

A Max Evans Reader

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From among his numerous publications, award-winning author Max Evans has selected his personal favorites. The more than thirty pieces include short novels, essays, short stories, introductions to other works, and magazine articles spanning several genres and most of his writing career. Through them all runs a common thread: the understanding of and love Evans has for the West and its peoples, and his ability to convey that understanding with humor and compassion.

Included works:

Short novels

Xavier's Folly
One Eyed Sky
The Wild One
Old Bum
My Pardner


"Sam Peckinpah: A Very Personal Remembrance"
"King John"
"Long John Dunn"
"Dinner with Frank Waters"
"Riding the Outside Circle in Hollywood"
"Many Deaths, Many Lives"
"Song of the West"

Short Stories

"The Ultimate Giver"
"Don't Kill My Dog"
"The Far Cry"
"The Wooden Cove"
"The Third Grade Reunion"
"Sky of Gold"
"A Man Who Never Missed"
"Big Shad's Bridge"
"The Call"

Introductions and Forewords

"Patricino Barela"
"Some Sweet Day"
"The Hi Lo Country"
"Final Harvest and other Convictions and Opinions"
"Rounders 3"

Magazine Articles

"The Cowboy and the Professor"
"A Horse to Brag About"
"Showdown at Hollywood Park"
"The Wild Bunch"
"The World's Strangest Creature"
"Super Bull"

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