"Watermelons, Walnuts, and the Wisdom of Allah"

"Watermelons, Walnuts, and the Wisdom of Allah"

And Other Tales of the Hoca

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Every country has its folk heroĆ¹real or legendary, and in Turkey he goes by the name of Nasreddin Hoca, pronounced Nahz-red'-din Hoe'-djah. He lived several years ago and he served as a religious teacher, Moslem priest or judge as the occasion demanded. In spite of these exalted duties he was as human as any man. He could be wise and he could be foolish, and he was always able to laugh at himself. Over the years a collection of stories grew up around this man, and today there is scarcely a Turk alive who doesn't know dozens of them by heart. Barbara Walker has put together only a sampling of the hundreds of Hoca tales that exist. She has captured in English the same directness typical of a Turkish storyteller as he relates one of the well-known, well-loved stories of the wisdom or foolishness of Nasreddin Hoca.

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