Prospective Authors


Before submitting a proposal to us, please ensure that your project falls within our publishing scope, which includes both scholarly and trade books. Texas Tech University Press is currently accepting submissions in the following areas:

• All aspects of history, culture, and natural history of Texas, the Southwest, the Great Plains, and the American West
• American roots music
• Memoir, especially of women and ethnic/cultural minorities
• Photography
• Sustainability studies
• Gender studies
• Sport history of the American West
• Legal history of the American West
• Holocaust studies, especially as relates to the American West
• Military history, especially that of the Vietnam War
• Native American studies

In addition, the Press publishes some regional books for young readers and the annual winner of the Walt McDonald First-Book Prize in Poetry, an invitation-only competition. Please note that we are not currently accepting new submissions in fiction.


To help us evaluate your book idea, please submit each of the following items electronically or in hard copy.
1. Proposal
2. Timetable and Format
3. Sample Chapter(s)
4. Vita/Resume

1. Proposal. Your proposal should contain the following information:
A) Abstract: Provide a 200-word abstract of the work, noting the scope of its coverage and its approach to the material.
B) Audience: Describe the work's intended audience: who will be interested and benefit most from your work? What kind of background will readers need?
C) Outline: If possible, provide a detailed outline of the work, including section headings, chapter headings, subheadings, and appendices. A brief synopsis of each chapter can be submitted in lieu of subheadings.
D) Outstanding Features: List what you consider to be the most distinctive or unique features of the work. What will it offer that previous or similar works do not? How will it contribute to the field?
E) Market: Specify the market conditions that suggest a need for this book. Why do you think there is a market for your work, and how large is that market? Does the book have potential for course adoption at any level?
F) Competition: List any current books that your work will compete against, and discuss their specific strengths and weaknesses. Spell out how your material will be different from these competing works.

2. Timetable and Format. Give us an idea of when you expect to complete the manuscript, and what form it will take. What is your timetable for completing the work? What portion of the work is now complete?

3. Sample Chapter(s). Send one or two chapters that are an integral part of the work. The chapters do not have to be in sequence, so long as these chapters are representative of the content and writing style of the text as a whole. If possible, submit chapters that are particularly innovative or unique, or that provide the clearest indication of your main ideas. Sample chapters may contain rough sketches, charts, and a description of photographs to be included, but this material need not be in final form.

4. Vita/Resume. Include a copy of your current vita/resume or a page of relevant biographical information.

Submissions by mail are preferred. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your materials returned. Please do not submit original artwork or irreplaceable materials. While we do consider simultaneous proposal inquiries, be advised that TTUP requires exclusivity for consideration of full manuscripts.

Mail your submission to the address below:

ATTN: Travis Snyder, Acquisitions Editor

Texas Tech University Press

Box 41037

Lubbock, TX 79409-1037


You can expect an initial response within two weeks of our receipt of your proposal. If we are interested in potentially publishing your book, we will request a full manuscript for consideration. All manuscripts undergo a rigorous peer review process, which can take several months. Your editor will work with you through the review process and will guide you through any revisions that may be necessary. Once your manuscript is determined to be ready, it will be reviewed by the Texas Tech University Press Editorial Committee for approval to publish.

Please note: While we endeavor to respond to all submitted inquiries, we cannot guarantee return of or response to unsolicited submissions or submissions that are clearly outside of the Press's publishing scope. 


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