Current Authors

We will offer you a contract upon successful completion of peer review and approval of the project by the Texas Tech University Press Editorial Committee. We pay a standard royalty as a percentage of actual receipts from sales of books, subsidiary rights, and licenses. Agented authors should be aware that we insist on direct communications with the author during the consideration process.

We may offer an advance contract to authors with proven publishing track records. Manuscripts contracted in this way must still be reviewed by outside readers and must be approved by the Editorial Committee before the contract is considered final and in force.


Once your manuscript is approved and under contract, it is your responsibility to send the Press your final manuscript prepared per our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Please be advised that any photographs or illustrations that you wish to accompany your book must be submitted at this time, in final form, along with any third-party permissions that you have secured for copyrighted material to appear in your book.

Once your final manuscript is approved for publication, we will send you a Marketing Questionnaire. Your answers to this questionnaire are crucial to our decision and in the preparation of promotional materials. Please complete the questionnaire as fully as possible to help us better promote and market your book. Be aware that binding, size, price, title, and cover design are all important marketing decisions that can impact the reception of your book—our staff is well versed in understanding what it takes to make each book on our list a success in the marketplace.

Generally, the Press receives printed and bound books roughly eight to ten months after the final manuscript is submitted. Your book’s publication date is not the date the Press receives or is able to ship your books, nor the day you receive your author copies. It is a carefully planned date set in consideration of marketing plans and the earliest available date your book can appear in the stores. The Press will work with you to establish the most desirable release date for your book, but be advised that production delays can occur. Please keep the Press informed about any events you schedule for your book—we will do our utmost to prepare for and cross-promote your events with you.

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