Between Two Rivers

Between Two Rivers

Photographs and Poems between the Brazos and the Rio Grande

Grover E. Murray Studies in the American Southwest

by Jerod Foster and John Poch

Foreword by Rick Bass

Published by: Texas Tech University Press

160 Pages

  • Hardcover
  • 9781682830383
  • Published: April 2019


The Brazos River and the Rio Grande: what lies between are physical and cultural geographies stretching south from the Texas Hill Country to the border of Mexico, west across the Trans-Pecos, and up through Northern New Mexico into Colorado. Photographer Jerod Foster and poet John Poch praise and wonder along these varied waterways and across the landscapes they host. The result is communion—a synergy of imagery in story and story in imagery, finding unexpected form, depths, and meaning much as rivers themselves are honed in the pull of gravity and texture.