Old Las Vegas

Old Las Vegas

Hispanic Memories from the New Mexico Meadowlands

by Nasario García

Published by: Texas Tech University Press

302 Pages

  • Paperback
  • 9780896725959
  • Published: September 2006


2005 Southwest Book Award “The stories are charmingly frank, unexpectedly humorous, sometimes sad, all reminiscent of a simpler, though not always uncomplicated time. . . . The book brims with anecdotes, folklore, and oral history that help define one of New Mexico’s most fascinating pockets of enchantment.” —Albuquerque Journal. “Garcia presents stories on life in the countryside, education, folk healing, witchcraft, superstitions, religion, politics, folk sayings, and riddles. . . . All Hispanic Americans with an interest in their cultural heritage should identify with many of the stories told by the viejitos—the old folks. . . Recommended.” —Choice. “A veritable buffet of reminiscences . . . An outstanding contribution to the folklore and history of Hispanic New Mexico.” —New Mexico Historical Review. “There is a rich and engaging text in two languages, humor and intelligence mixed in just the right proportion; what else could be desired? Photos! Ancianos, penitentes, cowboys: Welcome faces smile out of almost every page at the beginning of the book. . . . In this book many, many stories will live to be enjoyed and appreciated by generations of new readers.” —Southwest BookViews. Nasario García, a native New Mexican and leading folklorist in his state, has produced many works on New Mexican literature and folklore, including Pláticas: Conversations with Hispano Writers of New Mexico (Texas Tech 2000).