Conversations with Hispano Writers of New Mexico

by Nasario García

Published by: Texas Tech University Press

210 Pages

  • Hardcover
  • 9780896724280
  • Published: March 2000


New Mexico is an enchanted land—and from this beautiful place with its rich cultural diversity and complex history, a strong Hispanic literary tradition has grown spanning several centuries. Pláticas: Conversations with Hispano Writers of New Mexico is a series of interviews with six remarkable contemporary Hispano writers from that New Mexico tradition. The conversations found here represent a sketch of New Mexican Hispanic intellectual and artistic history that has not been assembled elsewhere. Nasario García’s interviews elicit candid commentary and spontaneous responses that reveal much about life experiences, the creative process, and the unique role that culture, tradition, and geography play in the literature that these writers have produced. From the reading of Pláticas, students of Hispanic literature already familiar with these authors will discover fresh insights and new information, and new readers will be enticed to discover and explore this wealth of creative literary talent unique to New Mexico.