Stories of Witchcraft and the Supernatural in the American Southwest and Beyond

Nasario Garcia

  • 11/1/2017
  • 9781682830086
  • 978-1-682-83008-6
  • Paperback
  • 6 X 9
  • 0 lbs.0 oz.
$ 29.95


These stories come from a variety of Southwestern states as well as Latin America and demonstrate how the magical world of witchcraft and the supernatural connects Spain to Latin America and Latin America to North America. This rich tradition of supernatural tales illuminates an unexplored aspect of the American Southwest's Hispanic heritage. Included are biographical information about the narrators and a glossary highlighting the regional Spanish dialect of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Nasario García, a native New Mexican and leading folklorist in his state, has produced many works on New Mexican literature and folklore, including Old Las Vegas: Hispanic Memories from the New Mexico Meadowlands (TTUP 2006).

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