Mysteries of Love and Grief

Mysteries of Love and Grief

Reflections on a Plainswoman's Life

Sandra Scofield

  • 9/9/2015
  • 9780896729414
  • 978-0-896-72941-4
  • Cloth
  • 176
  • 1 lbs.0 oz.
$ 29.95


Frieda Harms was born into a farming family in Indian Territory in 1906. Widowed at thirty and left with three children in the midst of the Great Depression, she worked as a farmer, a railroad cook, a mill worker, and a nurse in four states. She died in 1983.
Sandra Scofield spent most of her childhood with her grandmother Frieda and remained close to her in adulthood. When Frieda died, Sandra received her Bible and boxes of her photographs, letters, and notes. For thirty years, Sandra dipped into that cache.
Sandra always sensed an undercurrent of hard feelings within her grandmother, but it was not until she sifted through FriedaÆs belongings that she began to understand how much her life had demanded, and how much she had given. At the same time, questions in SandraÆs own history began to be answered, especially about the tug-of-war between her mother and grandmother. At last, in Mysteries of Love and Grief, Scofield wrestles with the meaning of her grandmotherÆs saga of labor and loss, trying to balance her need to understand with respect for FriedaÆs mystery.

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