The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season

A Daughter-in-Law's Memoir of Caregiving

  • 9/9/2013
  • 9780896728233
  • 978-0-896-72823-3
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  • 200
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Lisa Ohlen Harris shared a household with her mother-in-law, Jeanne, for seven years. When JeanneÆs health deteriorated due to COPD, Harris became one of 65 million American family caregivers. The two women grew so intertwined that Harris began to feel she herself was the one fading away.
Harris helped Jeanne file an advance directive specifying that no extraordinary measures were to be taken to preserve life. As they navigated the healthcare system in JeanneÆs final months, Harris and her mother-in-law realized that an advance directive is not as clear and controlled as it seems. End of life issues involve a series of small decisionsùsneaky ones, with no big dramaùand life support is already established before any one big decision is made.
In The Fifth Season, HarrisÆs recounting of those years bestows illuminating immediacy on the difficulties of caring for an elderly parent while raising four young children in an extended family household.
Chronicling that last season of love and struggle as she grappled with ethical convictions and personality clashes, Harris finds her way through conflicted emotions to a place of compassion and peace.

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