Apocalypse Hotel

Apocalypse Hotel

A Novel

  • 11/10/2012
  • 9780896728035
  • 978-0-896-72803-5
  • Cloth
  • 160
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Three violent deaths occur within days among a group of young nouveaux-riche beachgoers of Hanoiùbut neither the victims nor the circumstances are as they seem. Is fate responsible? Or a woman of extreme beauty and mystery?

When Danang Publishing House risked bringing out Ho Anh ThaiÆs controversial novel C⌡i ng??i rung chu⌠ng t?n th? (The Apocalypse Bell Tolls in the Human World) in 2002 after numerous others had refused it, Vietnam was a nation still struggling to find its identity decades after being torn apart by war. Ho Anh ThaiÆs previous stories and novels had already seized the imagination of a young postwar generation. He had become a literary sensation even as a teenager, his fresh, fluid, luminous style capturing the essence of their modern Vietnam. The book was a sensation in its authorÆs home country: to date it has sold more than 50,000 copies in ten printings and has been received enthusiastically by both public and critics as a work of creativity and disturbing truth.

Now, as Apocalypse Hotel, Ho Anh ThaiÆs dark fable draws English-language readers into the divided society of 1990s Vietnam, to an underground economy in which anything may be bought and sold, youth seek speed, sex, and thrills, and past crimes still haunt the pure and the guilty alike. In this riveting, fast-paced cautionary tale, citizens of all ages and situations must come to grips with the sordid, unforeseen consequences of a war once meant to liberate them.

Praise for Ho Anh ThaiÆs Behind the Red Mist (Curbstone Press, 1998)

ôOne of the most accomplished writers of VietnamÆs postwar generation.ö ùW. D. Ehrhart

ôReading this important writer, we can understand the consequences of the history we've been through together.ö ùMaxine Hong Kingston

ôConsidered the most important writer of Vietnam's postwar generation, Ho Anh Thai brings an intimate knowledge of the Vietnam War into perspective with a style that is at once whimsical and sharp-sighted.ö ùSusan Swartwout

Praise for Ho Anh ThaiÆs The Women on the Island (University of Washington Press, 2001)

ôHo Anh ThaiÆs novel paints a beautiful and moving picture of postwar Vietnam. His hand on heavy subjects is delicate enough to be deceptively simple.ö ùForeWord Reviews

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