The Accidental Historian

The Accidental Historian

Tales of Trash and Treasure

  • 10/10/2010
  • 9780896727083
  • 978-0-896-72708-3
  • Cloth
  • 288
  • 1 lbs.2 oz.
$ 29.95


If amateur in its original sense is one who pursues a passion purely for the love of it, then attorney and author Monte Akers is its spokesperson. History is his romance.
From CusterÆs Last Stand to the shooting of Bonnie and Clyde, The Accidental Historian chronicles one manÆs fascination with the past and the different ways he has immersed himself in American history over fifty years. Akers explores incidents, little-known episodes, and fascinating sidelights from some of the most popular events of years gone by.
Come along with Akers as he reveals a shocking secret about Robert E. Lee. Calls up Clyde BarrowÆs henchman on the phone. Hires on as an extra in a Civil War miniseries. Runs for public office. Rediscovers a lost treasure from Stonewall Jackson. Reads between the lines of wartime love letters. Recreates the Rebel Yell. Fights at the Alamoùwith his wife on the opposing side.
Through artifact and antique collecting, writing, relic-hunting, visiting historic sites, and good old-fashioned primary source research, Akers has experienced and relived a great deal of the countryÆs historical panorama. He relates his observations with humor, scholarship, self-effacement, and zeal, enjoyably bridging the gap between academic and popular history. His anecdotes will entertain and edify not only historians amateur or professional but also reenactors, enthusiasts, collectors, songwriters, genealogists, tourists, and teachersùanyone, in fact, curious enough about AmericaÆs past to stop and read a historical marker.

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