Journey to the Alamo

Journey to the Alamo

Melodie A. Cuate

  • 11/11/2006
  • 9780896725928
  • 978-0-896-72592-8
  • Cloth
  • 144
  • 0 lbs.1 oz.
$ 18.95


ôHannah stared a second time at the crumbling fossil of a building before her. Her eyes opened wide. This was the same building as the wooden figure Nick had taken from her. This building was the Alamo, the Alamo of the past! Mr. BarringtonÆs voice echoed in her mind, æYou will choose an event in Texas history and become part of it.Æö

Hannah finds nothing adventurous about the seventh gradeùuntil she meets her new Texas history teacher, Mr. Barrington, who brings in a mysterious trunk and assigns an unusual project: to become a part of history. While seeking inspiration among the historical artifacts contained in the trunk, Hannah, her brother Nick, and her friend Jackie are suddenly thrown back through time, finding themselves at an old Spanish mission in San Antonio. ItÆs the Alamo, and the famous battle is about to begin!

Join Hannah, Nick, and Jackie as they dodge cannonballs and bayonets; meet William Barret Travis, David Crockett, and Jim Bowie; and learn valuable lessons about honor and the importance of history.

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