Deep Time and the Texas High Plains

Deep Time and the Texas High Plains

History and Geology

Paul H. Carlson

  • 11/11/2005
  • 9780896725522
  • 978-0-896-72552-2
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  • 192
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"Carlson writes well in a style that lends itself to an understanding of how man got to the high plains, and what he did once he arrived. Highly recommended reading." ùNew Mexico Historical Notebook

Humans have visited the Texas High Plains, and in particular the upper Brazos River region, for nearly twelve thousand years. At the site of the Lubbock Lake Landmark in the long Yellow House Draw, they camped, hunted game, and sought shelter from harsh winter weather.

In this brief, readable history, Paul H. Carlson surveys the Lubbock Lake LandmarkÆs long geologic past, placing emphasis on human activity in the region and showing how early peoples adapted to shifting environmental conditions and changing animal resources.

Yet this book is more than a history of the Landmark. Carlson places this significant national archaeological site in broad perspective, connecting it to geology and history in the larger upper Brazos River drainage system and, by extension, the central Llano Estacado. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Carlson consulted geological records; paleontological, anthropological, and archaeological reports; astrometrical and climatological studies; and histories of the region to reach back through deep time to explore the significance of the region to life on the Texas High Plains.

ôFrom the edge of eternity . . . astronomy, geology, anthropology, and history converge, forming the High Plains. An exciting library addition, classroom guide, or reference book, Paul CarlsonÆs easy-reading study is an adventure for everyone who explores the unique character of the Texas High Plains.ö ùEddie Guffee, former curator of the Llano Estacado Museum

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