Cacti of the Trans-Pecos and Adjacent Areas

Cacti of the Trans-Pecos and Adjacent Areas

  • 11/11/2004
  • 9780896725317
  • 978-0-896-72531-7
  • Cloth
  • 512
  • 3 lbs.2 oz.
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A Southwest Book of the Year * 2005 Southwest Book Award

ô[A] monumental study.ö ùReview of Texas Books

ôA reliable and handy general reference for those with an interest in cacti inside and outside this region. Recommended.ö ùChoice

ôThese authors have . . . provided the world with the much needed scientific clarification on this family of succulent plants that humans have loved and hated for thousands of years.ö ùSida

ôInformation: Wow! . . . For both lay readers and for researchers looking for lots of data about the cacti of this rich flora, this book offers fascinating details presented in a very readable fashion.ö ùCactus and Succulents Journal

"This will be the standard reference for decades to come."ùSouthwest Books of the Year

Of the 132 species and varieties of cacti in Texas, about 104 of them occur in the fifteen counties of the Trans-Pecos region. This volume includes full descriptions of those many genera, species, and varieties of cacti, with sixty-four maps showing the distribution of each species in the region.

The descriptions follow the latest findings of cactus researchers worldwide and include scientific names; common names; identifying characters based on vegetative habit, flowers, fruit, and seeds; identification of flowerless specimens; and phenology and biosystematics.

The introductionùfull of details about the biology and morphology of the family Cactaceae, the uses of cacti, and the horticulture and conservation of cactiùis an important reference for general readers. More than three hundred beautiful full-color photographs of the cacti in flower and in fruit, all cross-referenced to their description in the text, highlight the book.

A glossary of cactus terms, an exhaustive list of literature, and a thorough index complete the book.

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