Detachment Fault

Detachment Fault

Susan Cummins Miller

  • 4/4/2004
  • 9780896725201
  • 978-0-896-72520-1
  • Cloth
  • 224
  • 0 lbs.15 oz.
$ 24.95


Finalist, Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Award, Adult Fiction
ForeWord Book of the Year Award, Honorable Mention

After the murderous rigors of her Ph.D. field research, Frankie MacFarlane is happy to be settling down in her native Tucson, house-sitting the family home and teaching geology at Foothills Community College. Little does she imagine that a brief fishing trip to Mexico with her brother Jamie and his girlfriend, Carla, could entangle her in a string of murder, mythology, and international intrigue. Nonetheless, Frankie responds in true form. Noticing every nuance of her surroundings, both natural and manmade, Frankie skids through a heart-stopping and unforgettable chase from the Sea of Cortez to TucsonÆs Sabino Canyon.

Despite, and due to, the complexity of MillerÆs mystery, Detachment Fault remains a first-rate read, seasoned with a pinch of this and a dash of that. This is presumably how the delicate-but-hearty Frankie saves her skinùand re-creates her mother's best-selling recipes in between catching killers. With a heroine as talented as James Bond and the late Julia Child, it's too bad there aren't cooking instructions strewn throughout the book. ùLeigh Rich, Tucson Weekly

Detachment Fault should be read twice: once to discover who-dun-what-and-whyùand then a second time, slowly, relishing MillerÆs evocative and knowledgeable descriptions of Arizona natural history and landscapes. ùWynne Brown

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