Amanda 1875 Riding Habit Pattern

Amanda 1875 Riding Habit Pattern

  • 9780896722231
  • 978-0-896-72223-1
  • Paperback
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Doll enthusiasts can re-create the fashions worn by Amanda, her family, and friends. These authentic, detailed patterns from the three-volume Amanda series are scaled to fit 15-inch and fashion dolls--but are also useful as resources for costumers, actors and reenactors, and teachers, when scaled to fit children or adults.

Set of six period patterns:
1838 Printed Muslin Dress Pattern
1844 Wedding Dress Pattern
1852 Reseda Green Cambric Dress Pattern
1868 Mother of the Bride Dress Pattern
1875 Riding Habit Pattern
1889 Silk Taffeta Birthday Dress Pattern

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